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Plan2Pray Online and Plan2Pray Office – Manage Your Prayer Ministry More Effectively

Do you have a group or organization who desires to pray for one another and communicate prayer requests on a regular basis? Plan2Pray Office offers you the best tool around for doing just that. Plan2Pray Online gives your group a website that allows you to accept prayer requests online and display your prayer list to those in your organization.

Plan2Pray Online utilizes a control panel that is extremely user-friendly, and we also offer a full support website if you have any questions about getting things going.

Plan2Pray Online is great for any organization, whether big or small. The greatest thing about it, though, is that Plan2Pray Online was specifically created to be used in conjunction with Plan2Pray Office, the leading prayer ministry organizational tool on the market.

Product Features
  • Tracks prayer requests and allows you to keep in touch with church members

  • Prints the prayer request sheet for distribution

  • Prints rolodex cards and personalized letters

  • Organizes your volunteers and prayer groups

  • Provides an easy way to send email to volunteers, those with prayer requests, and others


Buy it now!

Plan2Pray Office $399

Worship Ministry Planning Software

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Financial Reports for Music Ministries

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Attendance Scanning

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Prayer Ministry Solutions

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