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Music Made Easy Webinar

Music Made Easy Webinars with Jim Faull are now available 24/7!

Four Hours of Music Reading Instruction
Music Made Easy software – a $99.95 value!
All for just $59.95

What is a Music Made Easy Webinar?

The Music Made Easy Webinar is a series of four RECORDED one-hour online classes designed for you to learn music reading skills in the comfort of your home, whenever you wish to take them. Jim Faull, life-long Minister of Music and former Director of the Louisiana Baptist Convention Music and Worship Department will teach you using Music Made Easy.

Webinar Topics
  • The Staff
  • Clefs
  • Measures
  • Lines and Spaces
  • Notes, Note Names, Rests, and Values
  • Counting and Rhythm
  • Road Signs of Music
  • Sharps and Flats
  • Pitch and Scales
  • How to Download and Use Music Made Easy

How do I view a Webinar?

Purchase your Webinars below, and you will receive your links to the Webinars via email. These Webinars require high-speed internet.

Buy it Now!

Music Made Easy Software

Music Made Easy Webinar $39.95


Get Them Both!!
Music Made Easy Software and Webinar Bundle $59.95

Mini Music Lessons for Choirs

<img src="http://www.jimfaull.com/Icons/choirminis_icon.jpg" title="Choir Minis" alt="Choir Minis" />Turn your choir members into music-reading pros with our *FREE* Choir Mini Videos!

Music Made Easy

<img alt="Music Made Easy" src="http://www.jimfaull.com/Icons/mme_icon.square.jpg" title="Music Made Easy" />Use this interactive music-teaching software for groups or individuals of all ages!

Conducting Made Easy

<img alt="Conducting Made Easy" src="http://www.jimfaull.com/Icons/cme_icon.square.gif" title="Conducting Made Easy" />An interactive conducting textbook, Conducting Made Easy helps beginners as well as seasoned conductors.

Music Made Easy Webinars

Let Jim Faull teach you how to read music with Music Made Easy Webinars, available 24/7.