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    The Music Budget – new and improved!
  • impress the finance committee
  • track spending
  • get the detail where it counts
  • impressive reports
  • let the music budget do it all for you!

budget designer

  • Create impressive detailed budgets line item by line item
  • Add or modify budget items

account manager

  • Create and manage every account within your yearly music budget
  • View account balances at a glance

transaction entry

  • Quickly enter every purchase transaction
  • View every transaction update


  • View and print Account Summary, Transaction Listing, General and detailed Budget Request reports
  • PDF reports for emailing with just a touch

free personal webmeeting

Click here to schedule a free, personal web-meeting tour of The Music Budget, hosted by Jim Faull. Or if Jim can answer any of your questions about The Music Budget, please call him today at 770-653-5094.

just $129!


The Music Budget $129


Annual Updates after 1st year and web meeting support $79


Additional Music Budget Workstation $49


The Music Budget Installation/Support Tokens $30

Worship Ministry Planning Software

<img border="0" src="http://jimfaull.com/Icons/wp_icon.square.jpg" alt="The NUMBER ONE music ministry planning software" class="ExcerptImage" title="The NUMBER ONE music ministry planning software" />Find out the NUMBER ONE software music ministers are buzzing about, and why YOU can't live without it!

Financial Reports for Music Ministries

<img border="0" src="http://jimfaull.com/Icons/musicbudget.square.jpg" alt="The Music Budget" class="ExcerptImage" title="The Music Budget" />Track spending. Impress the finance committee. Get the detail where it counts.

Attendance Scanning

<img alt="WP Check-in" src="http://www.jimfaull.com/Icons/wp_ci_icon.square.jpg" title="WP Check-in" />Make attendance recording a breeze with a system that scans in each attendee.

Prayer Ministry Solutions

<img src="http://www.jimfaull.com/Icons/prayer_icon.square.jpg" title="Prayer Ministry Planner" alt="Prayer Ministry Planner" />Streamline your prayer team's communication with PrayerPlanner.