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WP Upload
join hundreds who are sharing mp3 and pdf files with their choirs, praise teams and bands online

ministry teams can download files 24/7 for less than 28 cents a day!

A convenient, inexpensive method of sharing files with Praise Teams and Bands, Choir and Orchestra Members, and Tech Crews. Just upload music and flow charts, then your members can login to view, play or download mp3, pdf or other files you want to share.

what it is:

  • password protected web site

what you get:

  • your own sub-domain like www.yourchurch.wpupload.com
  • easy-to-use content management system

what you can do:

  • upload mp3 listening files and pdf charts
  • communicate dreams and plans with your folks
  • try it for as little as $8.25 per month (yearly) or just $14.95 per month (monthly)
  • cancel at any time

what your members can do:

  • listen to upcoming worship songs
  • download charts for worship sets

what you never have to do again:

  • create rehearsal CD’s

how it works

Within 24 hours of activating your account, you will receive a website called YourChurchName.wpupload.com. At our streamlined, easy-to-use control panel, you will have full editing permissions to add text and upload documents, photos, and mp3s. You will virtually have your own web page to edit as you wish within the design template. This page will be password-protected so the files are only available to your members only.

file sharing vs. file storage

WpUpload is a file sharing service rather than a file storage service. Though there is not a prescribed limit to the number or size of files uploaded, the service is not intended for creating a storage depot for accessing large numbers of files. Rather, it is intended to provide short term file sharing for upcoming services and special programs.

Click here to view a sample page from wpUpload.com.

pricing plans

4 pages are beneficial if you will have multiple groups using the site. 1 page will work fine, but from an organizational view 4 pages may be what you need.

  • 1-Page Monthly Plan $14.95/mo. Includes 1 Editor
  • 1-Page Annual Plan $99/yr.
  • 4-Page Monthly Plan $29.95/mo. Includes 4 Editors
  • 4-Page Annual Plan $199/yr.

to begin, enter your sub-domain preferences

After entering your preferences, click Continue and you will be directed to the page where you select your pricing plan. All fields are required.

First and Last Name:


Day Phone:


Please indicate your choices for sub-domain names. The password is what your folks will use to open the web page. (example: www.yourchurchname.wpupload.com; password: worship)

Choice1: www..wpupload.com

Choice2: www..wpupload.com

Choice3: www..wpupload.com