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“You can’t grow Your Choir without New Members!”

What is www.Welcome2Choir.com?

  • Your own web site that attracts choir visitors.
  • A fun and easy way to lure potential choir members to your rehearsal.
  • Your choir members share the link with folks they would like to see in the choir.
  • Takes away the intimidation people might feel about the choir experience.
  • Your own pre-designed and easily editable website.
  • A great use of the Internet to help grow your choir!
Grow Your Choir!!

www.Welcome2Choir.com combines many of the proven choir growth concepts contained in 7 Habits of Successful Choir Builders. www.Welcome2Choir.com can be used successfully with these concepts.

How It Works

Within 24 hours of activating your account, you will receive a website called www.YourChurchName.Welcome2Choir.com. At our streamlined, easy-to-use control panel, you will have full editing permissions. You will virtually have your own web page to edit as you wish within the design template. It’s that simple! Your control panel stays nice and neat, and you don’t have to organize a thing.

Click www.Welcome2Choir.com to view a sample site.

Go to 7 Habits of Successful Choir Builders to jump start your choir growth.

Two Pricing Plans

Your website is available by annual or semi-annual subscription. The annual rate is $99, and the semi-annual rate is $65.

To sign up for your www.Welcome2Choir.com web site, and encourage choir growth, begin by submitting your preferences for sub-domain name.

Enter Your Sub-Domain Preferences

First and Last Name:


Day Phone:


Such as www.yourchurchname.welcome2choir.com

Choice1: www.

Choice2: www.

Choice3: www.

Share Your Files

<img border="0" src="http://jimfaull.com/Icons/up_icon_08.jpg" alt="File Sharing for Worship Teams" class="ExcerptImage" title="File Sharing for Worship Teams" />Introducing the newest way to connect your Worship Team. Files sharing for less than 34 cents a day!

Modulate in a Minute

<img src="http://www.jimfaull.com/Icons/mod_icon.square.jpg" title="The Modulator" alt="The Modulator" />Enhance your worship medleys by printing out 6 different modulations for every major key change.

Song Text Presentation Software

<img src="http://www.jimfaull.com/Icons/prompter_icon.square.jpg" title="RapidPrompter" alt="RapidPrompter" />With RapidPrompter, your choir can ditch the notebooks and sing with energy, confidence, and enhanced diction!

Great is Thy Faithfulness

<img src="http://www.jimfaull.com/Icons/cd_icon.square.jpg" title="Great is Thy Faithfulness Trumpet CD" alt="Great is Thy Faithfulness Trumpet CD" />Let the melodies from Jim Faull's trumpet CD take you to Gloryland!

Experiencing God, The Musical DVD

<img alt="Experiencing God, The Musical DVD" src="http://www.jimfaull.com/Icons/god_icon.square.gif" title="Experiencing God, The Musical DVD" />Enhance your presentation of <em>Experiencing God</em> with this multi-media video and soundtrack.