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The Modulator

Hundreds of worship leaders, pianists and keyboardists are using The Modulator to enhance worship medleys. Just click the key you are in, then the key you want to modulate to, and print out a page with 6 different modulations.

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No more cutting and pasting one slide at a time! With RapidPrompter Song Text Presentation Software, you can type or cut and paste multiple slides at one time.

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Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Let the angelic music of Jim Faull’s trumpet lift you to heaven with “Great is Thy Faithfulness”, a CD produced by Dick Tunney.

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A Novel Way to Introduce Potential Choir Members to your Choir!

What is welcome2choir.Com?

  • A fun and easy way to lure potential choir members to your rehearsal
  • Your choir members share the link with folks they would like to see in the choir.
  • Takes away the intimidation people might feel about the choir experience
  • Your own pre-designed and easily editable website
  • A great use of the Internet to help grow your choir!

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Organize Your Ministry

Too many tasks and not enough time? Take control of your planning efforts TODAY and find out how YOU can organize your ministry for MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY. <a href="/organize" alt="Organize Your Ministry">Find out more>></a>

Teach Music Skills

With Music Made Easy and Conducting Made Easy software from Worship Ministry Solutions, you can teach music skills to individuals or groups with very little preparation. <a href="/teach" alt="Teach Music Skills">Find out more>></a>

Build Your Choir

Has your choir membership reached a plateau? Are you tired of wandering where all the excitement has gone? Don't let another minute pass you by before you discover the secret to unlocking the potential in your choir. Jim Faull shares 7 proven strategies to help you build your choir. <a href="/build" alt="Build Your Choir">Find out more>></a>

Enhance Your Worship

Improve the flow of your services and energize your choir with these dynamic worship enhancement products from Worship Ministry Solutions. You'll wonder how you've lived without them all these years. <a href="/enhance" alt="Enhance Your Worship">Find out more>></a>