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Music Made Easy

This interactive music-teaching software gives you an entire music-reading curriculum for less than the cost of three months of music lessons.

Find out more about Music Made Easy

Conducting Made Easy

Conducting Made Easy features animated conducting patterns that let you follow the bouncing ball to learn and groove the proper path for conducting.

Find out more about Conducting Made Easy

Music Made Easy Webinar

Music Made Easy Webinars are now available 24/7! Learn to read music with a personal instructor, right from the comfort of your own home!

Find out more about Music Made Easy Webinars

Organize Your Ministry

Too many tasks and not enough time? Take control of your planning efforts TODAY and find out how YOU can organize your ministry for MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY. <a href="/organize" alt="Organize Your Ministry">Find out more>></a>

Teach Music Skills

With Music Made Easy and Conducting Made Easy software from Worship Ministry Solutions, you can teach music skills to individuals or groups with very little preparation. <a href="/teach" alt="Teach Music Skills">Find out more>></a>

Build Your Choir

Has your choir membership reached a plateau? Are you tired of wandering where all the excitement has gone? Don't let another minute pass you by before you discover the secret to unlocking the potential in your choir. Jim Faull shares 7 proven strategies to help you build your choir. <a href="/build" alt="Build Your Choir">Find out more>></a>

Enhance Your Worship

Improve the flow of your services and energize your choir with these dynamic worship enhancement products from Worship Ministry Solutions. You'll wonder how you've lived without them all these years. <a href="/enhance" alt="Enhance Your Worship">Find out more>></a>